A Focused Mind

mindWith our world filled with electronics, having a focused mind is not a luxury but a necessity. Most of us are multi-tasking in at least two different directions at the same time such as driving and dialing a phone.

In fitness, and for peace of mind, we need to slow our mind down to a single-focused task. It is a known fact that people who practice a fitness regiment have greater ease at meditating than people who do not. So exercise not only helps to lower your stress level, your cholesterol level, your blood pressure, it also helps train your mind to be still and focused. A simple test is try to stand on one leg and practice balance while looking around and talking to someone, you will fall back onto both feet very quickly. In order to be good at any balance exercise, you need to still both your mind and your gaze and hold your tummy in.

Certain sports, such as golf, are a constant reminder of your ability to focus and create mental stillness. It is an intellectual game just as much as a physical game. You quiet your mind to avoid the busy inner talk of “this is a tough one; I usually get the bunker”. Once you relax, you can then focus on the ball, and decide where you want it to go. Then you surrender to your swing and follow the outcome. The key is to treat each ball like your first one, without projecting any negative expectations.

A mind that can focus like a laser beam will usually win the game, get the contract, win the fitness competition or achieve any goal that is set with clear intention and sustained concentration. So learn to still your mind.

A few suggested methods:

Breathing: As you inhale, decide to focus; as you exhale, let go of stress. Thoughts are equal to stress, so the more you focus on letting go and relaxing, the more you quiet your mind.

Visualize: Close your eyes for a split second and visualize something that gives you joy. For some it might be the well-achieved outcome; for others a favorite place to go. If you are a visual person, the moment you focus, go to something soothing. It will relax your mind.

Sound: A word or a tone is particularly effective for me. It is my go-to formula for relaxation. You can relate it to saying “ok, I can do this” just before completing your task. Sometimes I just exhale out loud and it does it.

Find the way that works best for you by experimenting. Try each method and feel the results. Feeling is the key; relaxation is the goal.

Share your stories and the results of your experiments.

The goal is to enjoy a fulfilling sports experience, a healthy life and peace of mind. Namaste

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