How To Choose The Right Exercise Shoes


For some reason, many people are quite confused when it comes to selecting exercise shoes. Here are a few tips that will help when you choose your next pair:

Podiatrists would agree that the majority of the people wear the wrong size shoes. Here is a rule of thumb. If you normally wear size 8 shoes, you should wear size 7.5 open sandals and size 8.5-9 running shoes and boots. We need a larger size in exercise shoes and boots because we wear socks. We need to slide a bit in our gym shoes when moving in multiple directions. If our shoes are too tight, we may not have the arch at the right place for good support.

A problems often seen in runners with tight-fitting shoes is the loss of the largest toe nail, or, worse yet, toe fungus.

Please, when you go to the gym, wear shoes with arch support. Little boat shoes with rubber soles or Crocs do not work and are actually dangerous. Besides, you have no balance with those shoes.

As we age, it is normal to lose the flexibility and rebound we once had in the arch or plantar, and we need more support in our shoes to prevent plantar fasciatis. If you are a walker, use a good walking shoe with support; and if you run, especially long distances, buy great shoes with arch support and wear orthotics if you need them. If you notice that your arches collapse when you stand barefoot, go see a podiatrist to get fitted for a good orthotic. Your knees and hips will thank you.

You stand on your feet for hours every day so please treat your feet with kindness!

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