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Busy? Shrink Your Workout!

It is a known fact that to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you take in, but what is the most effective way to get to the goal in the least amount of time? All our lives are full to the brim! Who has the time to spend two hours in a [...]

Flat Stomach

I’ve been a trainer for 20+ years and I have yet to hear anyone say, “I don’t want a flat stomach.” Whether you live on the beach in Florida or anywhere else, with a flat stomach, you not only look better, you look younger and you also lower your risk of heart disease and other [...]

A Focused Mind

With our world filled with electronics, having a focused mind is not a luxury but a necessity. Most of us are multi-tasking in at least two different directions at the same time such as driving and dialing a phone. In fitness, and for peace of mind, we need to slow our mind down to a [...]

The fit test

What is being fit? There are, of course, dozens of ways to determine fitness depending on several types of requirements. But for the general mass, this test will help you figure out if your body and fitness level has balance and if it is as good as you thought. In order to evaluate your fitness [...]

Ideal body weight

What defines a person’s ideal body weight? It depends who we are asking. Amazingly enough, the answer to this question varies a lot depending on our self perception. If we ask the American Heart Association, they will direct you towards a healthy BMI (body mass index) for a heart-healthy range. If you ask a friend [...]

Flabby Arms

Now that I have the attention of all of the women, I’m sure… Flabby arms are a woman’s worst nightmare. We hate them so much that we give them names like chicken wings, flags or wiggle wobble. Occasionally, someone will tell me that they have a genetic predisposition to wobbly arms since their mother, sister [...]