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How To Choose The Right Exercise Shoes

For some reason, many people are quite confused when it comes to selecting exercise shoes. Here are a few tips that will help when you choose your next pair: Podiatrists would agree that the majority of the people wear the wrong size shoes. Here is a rule of thumb. If you normally wear size 8 [...]

Practical Tidbits: What Causes Cramping?

Readers want to know: "What causes cramping?" The number one reason for a leg, calf, or foot cramp is dehydration. The easiest way to resolve this problem is to drink more water. If consuming more water does not resolve the problem, consult a physician, you might be mineral deficient. Most people drink just enough water [...]

Who Needs To Stretch?

Who needs to stretch and why is it important? Stretching is a best friend to someone who is flexible, and an enemy to a person who is stiff. It is immensely pleasurable to stretch when your muscles are limber and you can bend effortlessly into any position. The majority of people practicing flexibility on a [...]

What Exactly Is Fitness?

Fitness is a broad term utilized for almost anything relating to being in motion or to weight loss. The medical dictionary offers this definition: Fitness is the state or condition of being physically sound and healthy, especially as the result of exercise and proper nutrition. The Webster dictionary says that it is: "the capability of [...]

Eat For Your Goals

Not everyone has the same goal in life. Some of us would love to lose weight, where others would prefer to gain weight or muscle mass. What is your goal? Food is essential for survival, but besides that, a lot of people eat as if they were about to go into starvation and therefore overeat. [...]

Practical Tips About Fitness

The first question I get from new clients is “Where do I begin?” Perhaps you’re experienced at working out or you may be rather new at this task and still don’t know about the basics because no one ever explained the following to you: When you begin a fitness class or program, make sure that [...]